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An avid hiker and adventurer, Frank, along with fellow traveler and photographer Robert Lievens, created backcountryimages.com to showcase their photographic explorations and love of the natural world. Since 2006, Frank has published seven picturebooks for young children featuring his nature and landscape photography. In addition, Frank’s photography has been published in Arizona Highways, Plateau Journal, and CERCA Magazine. 

Frank has been capturing images throughout the United States and other favorite locations for over thirty years. Frank’s journeys have taken him to New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, Italy, England, Mexico, the Caribbean, and across America in search of inspiring images. Frank’s photography has been exhibited at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Arizona State University, and his picturebooks were recently featured in Happy Meals in McDonalds restaurants across Canada.

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Artist’s Statement

We now live in an age of digital manipulation. It is not as different from the world of the traditional darkroom as you might believe. Photographers have been "manipulating" their images since the first daguerrotype was created. However, with the advent of the computer, the types of manipulation now possible have expanded exponentially. Software programs now allow photographers to create images by blending parts of different images into one, and adding elements that were never originally in the viewfinder. That is not my philosophy of photography. I use Photoshop and Lightroom to process my images in much the same way I used to work with my film images. Using my computer, I often add contrast, adjust exposure levels and add reasonable levels of saturation to make my final images. I believe that if you need to work for more than five or ten minutes on an image in your computer, you should have taken a better image in the first place. I hope that my image processing procedures will bring out the feelings and emotions I felt when I initially captured the image.

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